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Contacting Benthic Science Limited

Benthic Science Limited

595 Brighton Road


Dunedin 9035

New Zealand


telephone/fax: +64-3-481-7899


email: info at benthicscience dot com



Hourly Rates

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Contact us to discuss what you need.  We will provide a quote or an estimate for sample processing or help you plan your studies involving us.  Service rates depend upon the type of work. Elutriating, sorting, and field services are usually cheaper than cosulting, identification, analytical, or design services.


Expert services and equipment are not cheap. We keep our costs and overheads down as much as possible to assure high quality and affordable services that few companies can match.  For macrofaunal sample processing many variables affect your final costs and value.  If you have an existing programme and you'd like to switch to working with us, please be prepared to provide us with:


  • Processing mesh size
  • Taxa of interest (polychaetes, micromolluscs, etc.)
  • Number of samples
  • Sample unit area
  • Sediment type (mud, sand, etc.)
  • Services required (field, sort, id, microphotographs, reference collection, keys based on your collection, SEM, etc.)
  • Data-only services or reporting (we have a standard report form option to reduce cost uncertainty)
  • Time constraints


We realise that not every project of communal value enjoys substantial financial support.  See our Grants & Aid page for service subsidy information. 

Sending us your samples

Special regulations must be followed when shipping live or preserved material domestically and internationally. We can help advise on IATA regulations.  If you are familiar with shipping rules please contact us for a processing schedule, contract, chain of custody form (if required), then deliver by chem-courier to our address above.



Depending upon the type, size, and format of information we will set up a personal FTP dropbox account to exchange client material at  Please contact us if you have misplaced your username or password.

Initial discussions are always confidential.