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We're proud to reward exceptional marine science students for their contributions. Benthic Science Limited regularly supports two prizes to student presenters at the New Zealand Marine Sciences Society conference or the International Polychaetology Conference (IPC).


Taxonomic Awareness & Excellence Prize in recognition of a presentation which demonstrates the importance of taxonomy. Founded during the Linnaeus tricentennial year. The winner receives research materials, texts, or subscriptions of his/her choice to a value of $250.


Congratulations to:

  • 2010, IPC
  • 2009, Kareen Schnabel from University of Otago for her taxonomic revisions of Galatheidae and Chirostylidae (squat lobsters).
  • 2008, Kathrin Bolstad from AUT for her presentation "Systematics of the squid family Onychoteuthidae, Gray, 1847"
  • 2007, Joe Buchanan from Victoria University


Benthic Science Student Prize for thinking outside the square: Creativity in Science in recognition of a presentation which exemplifies good science inspired, conducted, or presented with exceptional creativity. The winner receives $250 to use as they see fit.


Congratulations to:

  • 2010, IPC
  • 2009, Erasmo Macaya, from Victoria University for his presentation "Moving around the oceans: global phylogeography and taxonomy of the giant kelp Macrocystis"
  • 2008, Brian Miller for his presentation "3D tracking of sperm whales from a small boat"
  • 2007, James Webley for his presentation "Scavenging pressure: a measurable ecosystem service correlated with estuarine health"

Service Subsidies and Aid

Expert services and equipment overheads are expensive. We keep our overheads down as much as possible to assure high quality and affordable services that few companies can match, but we recognise that not every project enjoys substantial financial support. If your project results in non-commercial conservation or education material, will produce peer-reviewed publications, or supports community or emerging-economy involvement in marine science - talk with us. We may not be free, but we can sometimes provide valuable discounts, advice, or payment options to help you achieve things you didn't think possible.  We're also available to help support undergraduate and postgraduate benthological studies where possible.

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We support Pacific island nations that encourage local science economies and encourage ocean stewardship by setting up their own quality-controlled marine environmental monitoring programmes.  Call us to see how we can help.