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Who we are

Intertidal workers

Benthologists and other marine scientists who provide practical, reliable, and cost-effective marine services.


Our core people provide primary analytical services, but we have a broad network of subcontracting field and lab specialists who may provide field, laboratory, or consulting services as warranted by your project.


Our team combines their skills, resources, and networks to answer your questions in the proper context. We have conducted projects in temperate, tropical, and polar environments ranging from slope depths to the intertidal zone. We tailor our services to your needs whether it is solving tricky quantification problems, project development and design, field work, taxonomy, analysis, or reporting.

With an extensive network of associates we can often service larger projects through our trusted colleagues that specialise in biophysical oceanography, computer modelling, GIS, conservation, geology, and more!

Brian Paavo BSc PhD (Otago),

Director and Principal Consultant

Brian deploying petite-ponar grab
For more details on Brian, click here.

Benthic Team Members

Other team members provide:

  • Diving and non-diving field assistance
  • Taxonomic specialist advice
  • Engineering services
  • GIS and computing services
  • Laboratory technical services


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Projects involving OSH-Approved divers usually require substantial lead-times. Please contact us early on in your project.