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SPIScan Surveyor

SPI-Scan Surveyor

Affordable soft-sediment profile imagery from small vessels. We invented it for you.  A revolutionary (it revolves) product available exclusively from us.

BioTally ScreenshotBioTally

Lab counting and reference management software! An exciting system to improve lab productivity, manage your hierarchical (such as taxonomic) data, and organise reference materials


Ergodex DX1 KeyboardErgodex DX1 Input Systems

Do you perform complex keystrokes repetitively? Do you use CAD systems? GIS? Image analysis? Automated equipment routines? Because we know its value to scientists we have become the sole New Zealand reseller for this amazing, application-aware, 50-key customisable keyboard.



Benthic Science Grinding ImageCustom Builds

Sometimes asking new research questions requires new equipment and sometimes new or newly affordable technologies can help you answer your science questions in novel, efficient ways. Whether you are looking for a one-off functional prototype that works when wet or a nicely designed and manufactured finished product, call us, we might be able to help.  Our design/build priorities are straightforward and we always use materials suitable for the rigours marine applications require. We use as many off-the-shelf components as possible to reduce development time, increase durability, and lower your cost. 

Open Source/Hardware

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The open source and open hardware movements provide scientists with unprecendented free access to transparent and powerful analytical tools.  Whenever possible, Benthic Science Limited returns the favour by contributing prototype builds or public-access information, supporting local programmes such as the Dunedin Makerspace (, and contirbuting to international projects like QGIS, OpenOffice, and R.

Rough but handy builds

  • Hero Bus Breakout Board
  • GoPro Hero cameras are inexpensive, relatively tough, high-resolution imaging solutions finding uses across the marine-science world.  This build helps you access the Hero3 bus.

circuit board diagram
Affordable microcontrollers, complete compact computer systems, and our access to affordable rapid prototyping services allow your marine field projects to have more intelligence at lower cost than ever before.  Contact us if you have a problem and we just may be able to find or make a solution that suits you.