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We'd never play games in the lab!DX1 Input System

Designed to provide maximum speed, adaptability, and comfort for gamers this device revolutionises input options for task-oriented professionals who want to condense their multi-key routines to a single button.


What it does

After installation, the device plugs into a USB port and the user-friendly manager walks you through macro-recording. If you prefer, you can simply record macros 'on the fly' using a button on the device. The system is application-aware so you can set some keys to perform the same function globally (say button 1 is always 'paste' or types a delta) while others can perform different tasks in different programs (button 5 sharpens an image when in Photoshop but creates a rectangle in PowerCAD).


Design and print a graphic template from the manager that you can place on the keyboard. Alternatively use the stick-on labels to mark your keys. There are 50 addressable keys in the system so stick 25 on one template (for graphics and word processing) and another 25 on a second clear tray for use in MATLAB and SolidWorks. Although firmly fixed to the clear tray, the keys can be removed and restuck in new positions repeatedly for fine-tuning placement.


DX1 key placementRequirements

The DX1 currently supports Windows 2000 and Windows XP OS. Windows Vista support is beta as is Mac OS (using third-party Keyjack software). A linux community is working on drivers. The device takes up a bit of desk real estate at 235 x 280 mm but is well worth it if you count, no more than a multiplace mechanical counter!


You can buy one now!

Single units with all of the optional extras are available for less than NZ$300 (domestic P&P). Orders of 5 units or more will be discounted and institutional purchase orders are accepted for invoicing.


DX1 traysDX1 ComponentsDX1 Key


Always at our side

DX1 in lab environment

We have been using the DX1 system in our marine lab environments for over 5 years with no malfunctions.

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Because it is durable, easy to clean, and quiet the DX1 is the hardware centre of our BioTally lab productivity system.