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Field SamplingServices

We provide primary or subcontractor field, analytical, design, and consulting services to help your project succeed.  As subcontractors we can enable your company to capture more contracts without the overheads of providing your own labs, specialists, and technicians for benthic and invertebrate community resource consent projects or independent research questions.  We are also able to function as independent quality control and assurance consultants for technicians at other organisations.


Primary Services

  • Marine development resource consent and project consultation
  • Macrofaunal identification and benthic community analyses [DETAILS]
  • Field Sampling
  • Sediment Profile Imagery (SPI)
  • Experimental equipment design and construction
  • Benthic image analysis


Other Services

  • Sediment analyses
  • Scanning Electron Microscopy
  • Marine science expert witness
  • Science protocol quality control and assurance advice
  • Independent peer review services

Field Sampling

Remote, intertidal, and subtidal field services are available.